Migration Management Bureau

The Migration Management Bureau is a merger of three newly created Sections of the GIS.
It is made up of the Anti-Human Trafficking Desk, the Migration Information Bureau and the Refugee Desk.


The Anti-Human Trafficking Desk was set up in July 2006 in line with ECOWAS Plan of Action against Trafficking in Persons, (2002-2003), under ‘Specialization and Training’ which requires that existing law enforcement structures create special units with a specific mandate to develop and effectively target operational activities to combat trafficking in Persons.

The Desk coordinates capacity building programmes and mainstreams anti-trafficking into the Service’s operations with an ultimate goal of contributing to Ghana’s efforts towards full compliance with the minimum standards for the elimination of Human Trafficking.


  • To create awareness of Immigration Officers in human trafficking, its effects, the methodologies and tools employed to combat it.
  • To disseminate information to potential migrants, the vulnerable through brochures, posters, and leaflets.
  • To build capacity of officers to be able to detect trafficking, make arrests, investigate and handle victims professionally.
  • To apply the training of trainer’s approach, in order to ensure that  Immigration Officers working in the regions and at exit and entry points improve the techniques and skills required to combat trafficking and pass on the skills acquired to their colleagues.
  • To foster collaboration with other Security Organizations NGOs and other stakeholders.


United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF)

UNHCR, Ghana Refugee Board

Ministry Of Woman And Children’s Affairs (MOWAC)

Department Of Social Welfare

International Labour Organization (ILO)

International Police (INTERPOL)

Custom Excise And Preventive Service (CEPS)

NGOs – Rescue Foundation, International Needs, African Centre For Human Development and others.


Was set up in July 2006


  • To curb illegal migration and promote legal migration through the gathering and dissemination of information on migration.

In collaboration with the International Organization on Migration (IOM), the Ministries of Interior, Foreign Affairs and NEPAD, Information and National Orientation, an information campaign was launched.
It is a programme co-funded by the European Union (EU) and the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


Radio programmes
Television discussions and talk shows
Lectures on University Campuses
Outreach programmes in migration prone communities

 Sponsors and collaborators



The Refugee Desk was set up in May 2005


  •   To provide protection for refugees
  •   To seek permanent solution for problems of refugees

FUNCTIONS, DURABLE SOLUTIONS (performed in collaboration with  United Nations High Commission for Refugees, UNHCR)

  • Voluntary Repatriation
  •  Local Integration
  •  Resettlement
  •  Emergency Resettlement Procedures

ACTIVITIES Coordinates with UNHCR in screening and registration of asylum seekers
Conducts refugee status determination interviews

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