GIS Council


The promulgation of the Immigration Service Act, 2016 [Act 908] on 8th March, 2016, witnessed some changes in the nomenclature of the institution due to specific provisions in the Act.

A key provision in section 5 of the new Act comprises inter alia the replacement of the hitherto Immigration Service board with the Governing body of the Service which is a Council to superintend over the activities of the Service. The 13-member Council of the Governing body shall be appointed by the President in accordance with article 70 of the 1992 Constitution of the Republic of Ghana and the composition is as follows:

(a) A chairperson,
(b) The Comptroller-General appointed under section 14 of the Immigration Service Act;
(c) One serving officer not below the rank of a Deputy Commissioner;
(d) One representative of the Ministry of the Interior not below the rank of a Director;
(e) One representative of the Ministry of Finance not below the rank of a Director;
(f) One representative of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration not below the rank of a Director;
(g) One representative of the Attorney-General not below the rank of a Principal State Attorney;
(h) One representative of the Retired Senior Immigration Officers Association not below the rank of Deputy Commissioner;
(I) one representative of the Ghana Bar Association who is of at least ten years standing at the Bar,
(j) One serving Junior Officer; and
(k) Three other persons nominated by the President one of whom is a woman.

Secretary to the Council
The President shall in accordance with article 195 of the Constitution appoint a Secretary who is not a member to the Council who shall not be below the rank of an Assistant Commissioner to keep accurate records of proceedings and decisions of the Council and perform any other function that the Council may direct.

Members of the maiden Council of Ghana Immigration Service On 11th July 2016, the Minister of Interior Hon. Ambrose Dery inaugurated the maiden 13-member Council of GIS following their appointment by the President of the Republic of Ghana HE. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo.

Functions of the Council
The functions of the Council are to:

  1. Advice the Minister on formulation of policies for the management of the Service;
  2. Determine matters in respect of administration, welfare, training and discipline of officers above the rank of Senior Inspector;
  3. Consider and approve a scheme of service prescribing the terms of conditions of service for the officers and other employees of the Service in line with the Government policy;
  4. Make recommendation to the minister on bilateral and multilateral cooperation with foreign countries in matters relating to migration and related issues and;
  5. Ensure proper and effective performance of the functions of the Service.

Tenure of office of members of the Council

A member of the Council shall hold office for four years and is eligible for re-appointment but a member shall be appointed for another term only.

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