About Us


a) To ensure the effective administration and management of migration in the country; and
b) Contribute to national security.


  1. The Service shall;
    a) Subject to existing laws, examine travel document of persons entering or leaving the country through the borders;
    b) Ensure the application and enforcement of laws relating to the immigration and employment of non-Ghanaians in the country;
    c) Advise on and implement international co-operation agreements with other countries and international organisations on matters relating to migration;
    d) Manage and patrol the borders of the country;
    e) Through the Comptroller – General or the dully authorized representative of the Comptroller – General issue visas for entry into the country and permits for residence or work in the country; and
    f) perform any other functions as required by law
  2. The Comptroller – General shall act in consultation with the Minister in the performance of the function specified in (1)(e).

VISION: Delivering Excellence In Security And Migration Management For National Development

MISSION: To build a stronger and a better Ghana by operating fair but firm Immigration work systems that meet the social and economic needs of the country.

CORE VALUES: Professionalism, Integrity, Human Rights, Learning Organisation

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